Ryan & Kayla // Married | Shelbyville MI Lakefront Wedding

 This wedding was lovely.  Just how I like 'em small & intimate.

I went to High School with Ryan and Kayla, they were two grades below me!  As a wedding gift Kayla gifted Ryan a photo album.  While he was opening the gift he asked "Do you remember this?"  I said "What? No!"  (You can check it out in the video below) Well, long story short I went shopping with him to buy Kayla a gift.  I told him to get her a photo album, so they can start making "memories" (What can I say? I've got GAME. Haha!) The photo album begins with his hand drawn stick figures.  The pages in between are filled with photos of their 10+ years together as a couple.  Kayla added a page of her own hand drawn stick figures... its the day they've anticipated.  The day I was able to capture.  Their wedding day.   The cool thing is the album isn't complete and I'm proud to say I was there in the beginning!

Their wedding was published online and in print on The Knot!  To read more about Kayla's inspiration for her wedding and a little bit about their love story visit The Knot here.  

I also shot a little video during their wedding.  One of my favorite things to do if time permits.