3 Reasons why I love Pixifi & Pixifi Academy!

Hi guys.

I’m excited!

I’m excited about working smarter and not harder.

Step one: Pixifi

Why am I excited?  Because I just completed Pixifi Academy. The "how to" for Pixifi, a business management software.

I could write a novel so without going too deep I'll give you a quick synopsis on why I love Pixifi so much and how Pixifi Academy changed the game for me!

jessica hatter pixifi academy



One of the best things you can do for your business is give your clients a great experience. That experience usually starts with a phone call or an email...

With Pixifi your clients have their own client portal, which makes for a better user experience.  Some of my favorite features are that my clients can login to their password protected portal, answer questionnaires, view and pay invoices + sign their contract. Signed, sealed and digitally delivered! 

Pixifi academy_.png


2.) CUSTOMER SERVICE:  I’m pretty sure the word pixifi is written next to customer service in the dictionary.  No?  Someone call Webster's please! :-)  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes Pixifi Academy. I’m talking a freshman 101 to senior year run down of their business management system.

Yes, I’ve created questionnaires, pricing pages, invoices, contracts and a few other things but there are so many features I haven’t utilized!  I watched most courses thinking, “You have got to be kidding me”.  That’s why pixifi paired with their Academy (Just launched!) are soooo good!  You can make up for missed opportunities by effectively and efficiently setting up this day to day business management system. Who wouldn't want to turn otherwise missed leads into clients?  The cool thing is you can work at your own speed.  I allocated time each night to attend the Academy because there is so much to learn.  Which brings me to my next point..


3.) Evolution: Pixifi is constantly evolving, another reason why I won't leave! Refer back to #2 as one of many users of the software I feel like we “ask” and at some point “we shall receive” Tim listens, manages expectations and is open about what we can expect in the near future. 

 So who is Pixifi for?

·      Photographers

·      Videographers

·      Makeup Artists

·      Planners

·      DJ’s

·      Lighting Consultants

·      Florists

·      Hairstylists

·      Venues

·      Studios

·      And more!

Pixifi Academy

Lastly, What's better than Free shipping?  Free Trials!  Here’s where it gets good… Pixifi gives you a 2 month free…yep, a TWO month FREE trial

Sign up here to try it out! 

Now, when you sign up… I don’t want to hear “omg Jessica, it's too hard” “It's confusing” “complicated” etc, DO NOT FRET.   I will help you get set up, plus there is a helpful group for that!  Refer back to #2 again, The Customer Service is the BUSINESS at Pixifi!

So who's with me on a journey to work smart and not hard?! One lead at a time...