Football and ESPN

Can I do a Throwback Thursday on my blog?  Yes, I can! It's football season!  That means more free time for me and I can sneak away without anyone noticing.  Hehehe!   Seriously, it's getting out of hand. Everyday I watch Dan Le Batard Highly Questionable just to see what song Papi will rap after the commercial break. Then I need to know what Woody Paige is going to write on the chalkboard during Around the Horn.  Who am I?!  Sports Nation,  Outside the lines… I mean, I don't know how many times you can say the same thing over, and over again!  But I do love the animated Steven A Smith.  To top the evening off, I DVR E:60… I think I cry every segment.  Oh, and how can I forget Numbers Never Lie! I watch because Jemele Hill is from Michigan!

Do you see what is happening here?  It’s so easy to get sucked in!  Don’t get me wrong... I love football, but I'm focused right now.  I’ve had a change of heart and I've realized I need to share more of my work putting that same effort and energy into my business instead.

This post is dedicated to you: Sunday, Monday, Saturday and on occasion... Thursday!

Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys.


Brandon also has the Carr Cares Foundation that focuses on educational enrichment and physical fitness for youth.